Case Studies

A large retail chain were concerned about issues of conflict of interest involving key staff and the suppliers of a particular commodity. Through utilising coaching skills and supply chain expertise we were able to conduct a thorough investigation and present our findings and recommendations, which were acted upon at a senior level within the organisation. Within our review we also identified significant cost reduction opportunities and a number of process improvements.

Through the utilisation of Supply chain expertise and Coaching skills we helped a start up company design and implement a supplier development plan for their supply base. A key characteristic was the use of traffic lights and other highly visible Measures of Performance, which facilitated the involvement of other key players in the organisation

We designed and delivered a workshop that helped a materials handling company integrate sales, purchasing, and warehouse activities. The key deliverables were Measures of Performance, improved team working, significant process improvements and the identification of lead-time reduction opportunities.

A distribution client was concerned about the performance and effectiveness of a warehouse manger, which challenged his long-term employment prospects. Through a process of intensive one to one coaching he was able to implement warehouse reorganisation, Meaningful Measures of Performance total team involvement and kept his job!!

A recent client was having difficulties with his team colleagues. He believed his contribution was being ignored and his position within the team was being constantly undermined. As a result he began to distance himself from the team and resist any proposals they made.

In our coaching sessions we reviewed how other people see the world and the effect of his experience and knowledge on his own decision-making processes. From this awareness he was able to develop his influencing skills and increase his positive contribution to the team becoming a valuable and respected team player.

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Case Studies

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